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PIFRA was initiated by the Pakistani government and the World Bank fund, with the primary objective of improving financial reports and audits. It has now been converted to FABs or Finacial Accounting And Budgeting Systems.

PIFRA Pay Slip and Registration

It is convenient for checking out your payroll and improving your finances, but sadly, only government employees can enjoy it.

About PIFRA:

PIFRA is a project started by the government of Pakistan to improve financial reports and audits. It’s an online platform, used mainly by government employees to perform their financial audits. Other than that, employees can also use it to check & download their payslips, go through their salaries, pensions and clarify funding queries.

Many users get confused about the difference between FABS and PIFRA, they are the same thing. You can use both URLs of FAB and PIFRA and will be directed to the same page. 


This web page also contains records of previous payslips received.

FAB website is quite user-friendly. All the features are exclusively pinpointed so the user does not get lost on the website. The top feature consists of:

  • Online Salary Slip/ Pension Slip
  • Bill-tracking system
  • Budget execution report
  • Vendor information
  • DDO reconciliation statement
  • Scheme-wise budget execution report
  • PSDP execution report

Requirements for PIFRA

As a new government employee, you are awarded the facility to check your payslips online, instead of having hassle at the workplace and bank. However, you might be unaware of a few requirements before registration.

Requirements for PIFRA
  • For starters, employees must have Pakistani citizenship
  • Must be a current government employee, irrespective of the sector of job( e.g medical, education, etc)
  • your first and last name 
  • correct CNIC number 
  • Province name
  • Date of birth 
  • Email address (an address that is not registered earlier)
  • Job
  • Phone number registered with your CNIC
  • Service code  

In case the user does not have any of the above requirements, their account can not be registered.

How to Get Registered?

Now that we have covered the requirements, thus, now it’s time to cover the guidelines for registration. But before that users should know about FABS, a similar website to PIFRA. The features and purpose of both these websites are the same.

Step-by-step Guide:

  1. Visit FABS or PIFRA’s website. Once you input PIFRA’s URL the browser will automatically redirect you to the FABS webpage.
  2. Go to the menu and select online salary slip/ pension slip
  3. You will be directed to the Controller General of Account Pakistan page
  4. Read the guide and the short word code.
How to get registered

How to fill out the form:

Input the following information in your form:

  • The government code
  • Phone number registered on CINC
  • Input CINC number
  • Date of birth
  • Personal number of employee

After providing all relevant information, the page will ask for a confirmation E-mail address. Don’t rush to click the verification button, make sure to recheck your information at least twice. If in case there is something wrong with the web page or if it is not accepting your form, you can check the problem faced through FAQs or contact customer service.

A confirmation code will be sent to your email, input the code on a web page to verify your email.

Once you have been registered your payslips will be sent to your verified email address.

How to Check PIFRA Pay Slips?

There are two ways you can check your pay slips. However, both of them require of internet connection. 

How to check PIFRA pay slips
  1. EMAIL: If you want to receive your payslip via email, make sure that your registration is not expired. Most probably be renewed within a month. If you have registered
    Check the inbox of your registered email. Watch out for an email either sent to you by PIFRA or FABS. make sure to check your spam and other filter/ folder if can’t find emails in the primary folder. Another reason why email won’t be visible is because of delay, wait for at least 10 days after issuing of payslip.
  2. WEBSITE: Checking your payslip on the website is much faster compared to email. All you need to do is:
  • Visit there webpage
  • Sign in
  • Go to the online salary slip
  • Provide required information
  • Download your recent payslip

Short keys you should know when filling out PIFRA forms:

Short keys you should know when filling out PIFRA forms
  • F= federal
  • N= KP government 
  • S= sindh
  • B= Balochistan
  • P= Punjab 
  • DGP= District Government Punjab
  • K= Kashmir
  • G= Guide
  • DGN= District Government KP
  • GB=  Gilgit bultistan
  • GBC= GB council
  • C=  Kashmir council

You will find might have to input the above keys in the form for registration


The process of financial auditing and reporting is made much easier by the Pakistani government for their employees. It’s all remote and quick and has a higher chance of accuracy.

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