Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2024 – Update March Price List

Solar panel price in Pakistan depends on factors such as the quality of the brand and installation size as per consumption. Solar panels are a one-time investment that goes a long way and a cost-effective solution.

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

It costs a lot at the time of installation; however, it can save you on your electricity bills later. Solar panels are a long-term asset that lasts more than 2 decades; however, they require maintenance and inverter replacement from time to time.

Reason for Increase in Solar Panel Usage

In Pakistan, there is a big problem with the electricity supply being unstable. Because of this, many people are choosing to use solar cells instead of relying on the government’s electricity. Right now, 40% of the people in Pakistan are using solar cells, and more are planning to switch to this fantastic reusable energy source. They think that by the year 2026, 80% of the population will be using solar panels to get their electricity.

Reason of Increase in Solar Panels Usage

Solar cells are made with aluminum sheets, so they don’t rust. Once you put them in the right place, like in your home, you only need to clean them once or twice a week. These panels are very durable. They don’t get damaged by rain or storms. They are designed to last a long time without needing much maintenance. However, you must take care of the batteries or UPS converter system that is connected to the solar panels.

Solar Panel ModelsWattsPrice
Bifacial Mono PERC Canadian66056100 PKR
Tesla Solar Panels12000-15500 PKR
Inverex Solar Panels7000-17000 PKR
LONGI Solar Panels64000-79000 PKR
Half Celled Canadian Panel55046750 PKR
Canadian Mono PERC53045050 PKR
Mono PERC Canadian 65065055250 PKR
City Solar 15015012750 PKR
ZnShine Poly 33533528480 PKR
Canadian Mono PER Hiku766056100 PKR
Canadian Mono PER 65565555680 PKR
Canadian Mono Half Celled55046750 PKR
Jinko Mono 53553545480 PKR
Canadian Mono PERC Half Cut Trina45038250 PKR
Sanco Mono17014450 PKR
Mono Half Celled 54054045900 PKR
JA Mono PERC 54054045900 PKR
Canadian Mono PERC 53553545480 PKR
Canadian Mono 59059050150 PKR
SunMax Poly 25025021250 PKR
Solar Panel ModelsWattsPrice
JA Mono Per 44544537830 PKR
Seraphim Poly 33033028050 PKR
MaxPower Half Cut Mono PERC 40040034000 PKR
Trina Poly 33033028050 PKR
Ass=troenergy Mono PERC Half Cut54045900 PKR
Canadian Mono Perc Bifacial53045050 PKR
Canadian Mono Half Celled54546330 PKR
SunMaxx Poly 25025021250 PKR
JA Poly 33533528480 PKR
Trina Half Cut Mono55046750 PKR
AstroEnergy Half Cut Mono PERC54045900 PKR
Canadian Mono PERC44537830 PKR
JA Mono PERC53545480 PKR
Canadian Mono PERC 59059050150 PKR
Jinko Mono Crystalline54546330 PKR
Jinko Mono 44544536000 PKR
AstroEnergy Poly Project Grade34028900 PKR
Sanco Mono 17017014450 PKR
JA Poly 33033028050 PKR
AE Ray-36P16013600 PKR

Top Solar Panel-Providing Companies

Top Solar Panel Providing Companies
  • Reon Energy
  • Beacon Energy
  • Simply Energy
  • PAK Solar
  • Pantera Energy
  • Premier Energy

Advantages of Solar Panel

Solar panels are a one-time investment and a cost-saving solution for electricity consumption. Not only this it also has the following advantages as well. 

Advantages of Solar Panel
  • Less use of electricity supplied by the government hence less electricity bill.
  • Less maintenance cost if solar panels are of high-quality brand.
  • Uninterrupted supply of electricity.
  • The most environmentally friendly way of producing electricity as it uses sunlight.
  • No permissions are allowed from the government for the installation of solar panels at home.
  • Some solar panels can even work with moonlight at night.

Disadvantages of Solar Panel

Despite it being a cost-friendly way of consuming electricity, solar panels in Pakistan come with a few disadvantages as well.

Disadvantages of Solar Panel
  • You need a large area for installing the panels.
  • You need heavy investment to install the panels.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to invest in solar panels and wondering what they cost, then you should contact the companies I’ve mentioned above. However, it is recommended that you do your research and then invest in panels so that you don’t end up in the hands of fraudsters.

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