PIFRA Salary Slip Not Received 2024 | Reason & Solution

All government employees receive their payslips through PIFRA via email. All employees are suggested to wait for a few days after the release days but sometimes, due to some technical issues, the delay may become longer than expected.

What to do if you haven't received your PIFRA pay slip

If this situation is making you impatient here’s how you understand the cause and get your payslip.

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The cause:

Every year payslips are sent to employees through emails. Usually, it takes no time, but sometimes it may take longer then expected. However, this process should not take longer than a few days and if it takes more than a month here a are few things to consider:

  • Email address: check your email address. You may have registered with a different email address than the one logged in on your device. 

It is also possible that you may have misspelled your address during registration. However, this scenario is much less likely as PIFRA takes a verification test during registration. But not impossible. You can submit a registration with the same email address again if it is successful which means that the email provided was incorrect, If not then the email submitted previously was correct.

The cause

Check your folders:

Sometimes emails are relocated to the spam folder, if your spam filter is on check it out for the payslip email in the spam folder. If you are using Gmail make sure to check promotions and social folder as well.


All payslips are released together however sometimes delay is faced, before panicking make sure to check the email you submitted and all the folders. And if you still don’t get your payslip to visit the PIFRA website or get in touch with your DDO.

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