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Public sector-associated; Peshawar Electric Supply Company, or PESCO originated in 1998 by the government of Pakistan serving around 2.6 million consumers only in urban regions. 

If you are a resident of Bannu, Hazara, Khyber, Peshawar, Swat, and Swabi parts of the circle of distribution; and are looking around to get a copy of your PESCO Online Bill, then you landed on the correct place.


How to Get Your PESCO Bill Copy

Follow the steps mentioned below to get your PESCO bill.

  • Visit our website.
  • Input your 14-digit reference code mentioned top left corner of the bill.
  • The bill will open up.
  • Click on “View Bill”.
  • Download the download option to get the PESCO Bill.
How to get your PESCO bill copy

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Information Provided on the PESCO bill

Once you have Downloaded Your PESCO Bill, it is recommended to review the entire thing. A few generic details mentioned on the PESCO bill are the due date, the amount owed, the PESCO Online Bill issuing date, meter reading added surcharges, and details of the user.  User record of the last 12 payments is also present.


PESCO is a state state-owned business that originated on 22 March 1998. The company was formally part of the power and water supply but was later separated in 1998. Despite being part of the public sector, the organization originated with the aim of profit generation, later leading to privatization.

Over 2.6 million customers enjoy PECSO connections with;11 kv and 440 KV of low voltage substations;132,66 and 33 KV substation lines and powerful connections for both homes and offices.


These 2.6 million are divided into regional circles. Each with coverage of 1204,621 hectares of land. the division of circles is listed below:

  • BANNU Circle
  • Khyber Circle
  • Swabi Circle
  • Hazara Circle 1
  • Hazara Circle 2
  • Mardan Circle
  • SWAT Circle
  • Peshawar Circle

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Peak hours of consumption

If your electric suppliers are PECSO, then the following are the peak hours when it is instructed, by PESCO themselves, to consumers to use less electricity to decrease their PESCO Bill. Minimum use during peak hours also helps regulate electricity for the entire region.

Peak hours of consumption

Peak hours include:

  • 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM from April to October.
  • 6 PM to 10 PM from November to March.

Taxation Policies Applied on PESCO Online Bill

Here is the list of taxation policies applicable to the PESCO bill:

Taxation policies applied on PESCO bills
  • Fuel adjustment price (FPA): Applied on PESCO Bill for all companies producing electricity using crude oil
  • Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (TR Surcharges): This shows a bad and a good difference between the Government of Pakistan and NEPRA. The positive thing is it will be payable by the government of Pakistan as a subsidy. The negative thing is that the distribution company will pay the inter-DISCO Tariff Rationalization surcharge.
  • Financial Cost (FC surcharges): Charged 43 paise per unit to secure the debt collection of Power Holding Private Limited.
  • Deferred Amount: the amount chosen to pay either the same month or the next one.
  • Quarterly Tariff adjustment (QTR Tariff)/ DMC: Charged on a quarterly basis.


What is the PESCO complaint number?

If users have queries or complaint, dial 111-000-118 to reach the PESCO headquarter.

How can I get a PESCO duplicate bill?

Visit relevant web page and input a 14-digit reference number in the space provided.

How can I change to name on my bill?

To change the name on the bill, apply at the PESCO office.

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