How to Check PIFRA Advance Status for Govt Employee 2024

PIFRA is for facilitating government employees financially whether it’s for receiving pay slips or getting a loan for commodities e.g. bike, car, or even a house. If you are a government employee and have taken a loan from the government, your monthly payment will be deducted from your pay.  Your eligibility criteria will also be dependent on the employee’s monthly pay.

How to Check PIFRA Advance Status

If an employee becomes a borrower, read this article to check how the status of your loan according to the items purchased on it.

Check the Advance Status:

Here’s how to check the advance status:

Check the Advance status
  • Go to PIFRA/FABs website
  • On the top left you will see the ‘Advance type’ option
  • Input advance type code:
    0001 for housing
    0002 for Motor car
    0003 for Motorcycle
    0004 for cycle
  • Input code accordingly
  • Enter your 8-digit employee code in the Personal number column
  •  You will find your employee number on the salary slip
  • Click on the search button
  • The status will be presented on the screen.

PIFRA Advance Status type and meaning:

PIFRA Advance Status type and meaning
  • Initial waiting: application is received by AGPR
  • FAC Issue: funds and certificate have been issued
  • Consent received: the application has been received without any objection after passing all verification and governmental process check.
  • Verified Authorized: funds have been issued to your advance
  • Loan paid: paid have successfully paid
  • Not found: Application not received


Using these codes users can receive and understand the status of their application. Hope this article was helpful.

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