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HESCO or Hyderabad Electric Supply Company, is a public limited company that originated in 1998 with competition to AEB. HESOC aimed to take over the legal rights of selling electric supplies to Hyderabad and was successful. Lately, all the service has been shifted online to prove consumer-friendly behavior.

HESCO Online Bill

How to Check the HESCO Online Bill:

Here is How you can check the HESCO Bill Online:

How to Check the HESCO Online Bill
  • Input your 13-digit reference code.
  • Recheck the number.
  • Click on “Check HESCO Bill”.
  • To print the Hesco bill either press the button “print bill” or press on your keyboard “Ctrl + P”.

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How to Find the 13-digit Code in the HESCO Bill:

The 13-digit code is mentioned on the bill in the top left corner, next to the Consumer ID.

About the HESCO Online Bill:

In this article, our main focus is how to check the HESCO Online Bill, and download a duplicate copy, however as a permanent, user you should be able to identify the bill.

About the HESCO Online Bill

HESCO bill contains information of:

  • The Due Date
  • Your meter reading
  • Surcharges after the due date has passed
  • Paid / not paid
  • Name of user
  • Record of last 12 payments

Always double-check the identity/customer section of the bill to ensure the authority and whether it is yours or not.

Taxation Policy Applied to the HESCO bill:

Following is the list of taxation policies applied on the HESCO bill:

Taxation Policy Applied to the HESCO bill
  • Tax: Fuel price adjustment (FPA):
    This tax is charged on rental power companies generating electricity using crude oil. The amount of tax varies depending on fuel prices
  • Tax: Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (TR Surcharge):
    This tax displays a positive difference between the National Electric Power Regulation Authority and the government of Pakistan, as it pas of subsidy. However, the distributing company pays the government of Pakistan as an inter-DISCO Tariff Rationalization surcharge.
  • Tax: Financial Cost (FC surcharge)
    Costs 43 paise for each unit consumed. This tax collects and holds debt servicing of power-carrying private limited companies.
  • Tax: Deferred Amount:
    This is charged on late payment and will be included in future payments or the same month.
  • Tax: quarterly tariff Adjustment (QTR Tariff Adj/ DMC):
    This is the adjustment amount on your bill issued per quarter.

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Hyderabad Electric Supply Company, or HESCO Bill Online, is among the 8 AEBs. They were constituted through the WAPDA Act 1981, however; were approved by the government later on 23rd April 1998, during the revamping of the WAPDA power sector. On the same date, Hyderabad Electricity Supply Company stood as a public limited company.

HESCO Bill Online stood with the objective of taking over, with the legal rights over the previously famous; AEB, Area of Electricity Board, ensuring high power distribution throughout Hyderabad.  The company provides electricity with a smooth and consistent flow without enforcement of geographic boundaries.


Coverage of HESCO Online bill spreads widely throughout Sindh with the best connection and highly trained / friendly customer support, ready to guide all customers, sadly not Karachi can not enjoy HESCO Bill Online services.

HESCO Bill Coverage:

HESCO provides flowless connections throughout Sindh, with the exception of Karachi. They serve a total of 1,138,328–1,178,412 customers divided among 12 districts into 4 operational circles. The number of consumers is further divided into 15 operational divisions and 69 sub-divisions rounding up to 6 constructional divisions and 5M&T divisions.

The division among consumers might be the reason for flowless connections and a profitable company. The division among regions can be classified as follows:

Hyderabad4 divisions16 sub-divisions
Laar5 divisions19 sub-divisions
Nawabshah3 divisions21 sub-divisions
Mirpurkhas3 divisions13 sub-divisions


How to Register a Complaint for the HESCO Bill Online?

There are two ways to register your complaint about the HESCO bill:

  • On the official website (hesco.gov.pk).
  • Call at 03372192748.

What to do if I have a Quarry about the HESCO Bill payment?

Contact HESCO federal cell: 03372192748.

Where is the 13-digit code on my HESCO bill?

The 13-digit code is mentioned on the bill in the top left corner, next to the Consumer ID.

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