PIFRA Online Registration Form & Login for Govt Employees

PIFRA provides government employees with a lot of financial facilities. However, to avail of this option all employees should get registered online. Using PIFRA, Project to Improve Finacial Reporting and Auditing, helps get payslips, audits, budgeting, and expenditure.

PIFRA Registration Form Online

The primary objective of this project is to accommodate employees financially and provide their payslips online avoiding all sorts of hassle.

This article covers details of the PIFRA Online Registration form.

Download the Employee Registration Form:

Here is how you can download PIFRA registration form:

Download the employee registration form
  • Visit PIFRA/FABs website
  • Go to services and then the menu
  • Select salary slip/ payslip
  • The website will direct you to control the general account page
  • Get the empty form and start filling it with essential details

Form Requirments:

Once you find the here is the acquired information you need to input:

  • Full name (according to CNIC)
  • CNIC Number
  • Date of birth (according to CNIC)
  • Mobile phone number(according to CNIC)
  • Email address 
Form Requirments

Once you have filled out the form:

  • Click Confirm
  • You will receive a confirmation email, verify your self
  • Input email address again for receiving payslips
  • Click ok

How to Unsubscribe from PIFRA Email Services:

 If you are getting annoyed by PIFRA Emails, here are their options for avoiding these emails;

How to unsubscribe from PIFRA email services
  • Method 1: All emails have a small unsubscribe option, it will either be next to the sender’s address or at the bottom of the mail. Click on the unsubscribe button. 
  • Method 2: If unsubscribing does not work, call tech support for PIFRA at 0092-51-9107248
  • Method 3: Visit the FAB/PIFRA website and chat with the support team.


PIFRA service is introduced by the government to provide financial assistance to their employees. Getting payslips online is a much faster and easier approach. however, if you get annoyed by the emails you can also unsubscribe from them. If you are not, make sure to renew every 10 months and check your registration status monthly.

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