PIFRA DDO Position Code List 2024 – New Update

Avoiding mistreatment and misuse of payroll systems, the Pakistani government has now shifted its payroll system only to the FABs/PIFRA webpage. Not just that it avoids eradication but also makes the process easy, fast, remote, and comfortable. 

PIFRA DDO Position code list

Using PIFRA government of Pakistan provides its employees the opportunity to remotely access their budgeting and expense reports. DDO, drawing, and distribution officer are provided with unique position codes to be distributed among employees, which are required for employees to access their reports and assist DDO in monitoring the number of employees.

What is the PIFRA Position code and its benefits:

PIFRA position codes are unique codes given to DDOs to distribute among employees. It not just helps DDO keep a check on the number of employees but also helps prevent any kind of fraud. The government uses position codes to combine payroll strength with budgeted posts to assure the accuracy of power, designations and BPS.

What is the PIFRA Position code and its benefits

All digital facilities have several benefits. As for Position codes benefits enjoyed are, personnel strength, tender expenditure, and IDs for designations. These codes are so precise now that they contain departments operating with government and provincial domains.

Area Managers can easily supervise activities performed by a single person operating under their jurisdiction. 

How to check PIFRA Position Code?

To get your PIFRA position code:

How to check PIFRA Position Code
  • Visit PIFRA/FAB website
  • Enter government code in respective fields 
  • Input DDO code 
  • Click on the search button
  • A list of employees under that DDO will be presented
  • Now you can go through the position name, grade, and job description from the list and get your position code.

Further reports comprise the number of employed workers and keep track of payments. 

Cons of the Manual System:

The manual system, though preferred by many is accused of being slow and incompetent resulting in delayed payments and unjust rejections. There were chances of mistakes and mishandling of payslips resulting in overdue.

Cons of the manual system

By digitalizing, all financial processes are made much more efficient with a lower chance of delays and overdue.


PIFRA, designed for government employees, does a lot more than just provide position codes, it helps to receive budgeting reports, expense reports, payslips, and many other financial commodities can be achieved. Sadly these service cant be enjoyed by private-sector employees.

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