How to Unsubscribe PIFRA Email If Don’t Need Payslips?

PIFRA is a project initiated by the government of Pakistan to assist their employees financially, whether it is auditing or receiving a pay slip. For this, the employee is instructed to register themselves on the PIFRA website and later they receive their pay slips through email address. Other alerts are also sent via email.

How to Unsubscribe from PIFRA

However, more than often PIFRA emails contain irrelevant information, other than pay slips, which can be annoying. Hence the user may decide to unsubscribe from emails

How to Get Access to Your Pay Slip:

for starters, all employees need access to their pay slips for which it is mandatory to get registered.

How to Get Registered:

  1. Visit FABS or PIFRA’s website. Once you input PIFRA’s URL the browser will automatically redirect you to the FABS webpage.
  2. Go to the menu and select online salary slip/ pension slip
  3. You will be directed to the Controller General of Account Pakistan page
  4. Read the guide and the short word code.
How to get registered

How to Fill Out the Form:

Input the following information in your form:

  • The government codes
  • Phone number registered on CINC
  • Input CINC number
  • Date of birth
  • Personal number of employees

Afterward, the page will ask you to input an email for verification will take place. Input the code sent to your email on the page and then re-enter the email for confirmation. The same is the case with your CNIC registered phone number. Make sure all information entered in the form is correct and registered with your CNIC.

Once you have registered successfully: all your pay slips will be sent to your email along with allowance information.

In case you haven’t received any email, make sure to check your spam folder or primary/social folders if using Gmail.

Pay Slip Format:

Pay slip format

The pay slip contains:

  • Net monthly Salary
  • CTC
  • HRA
  • Tax Deduction
  • TDS
  • Employee number
  • Head of Finance Authorities
  • Nationality of Employee

How to Unsubscribe to PIFRA Emails?

As mentioned earlier, PIFRA emails may contain more than just pay slips. Hence its user may get irritated and want to unsubscribe. Here’s how to unsubscribe from the PIFRA email.


  • Log in email
  • Send unsubscribe request via email at
  • Remember to put your Name, government code, and employee code
  • The email should contain your relevant information along with the text “I want to unsubscribe my email.”


  • Open web browser
  • Visit PIFRA/FABs webpage (both URLs will lead you to the same link)
  • Look below the service tab and select pay slip from the menu
  • On the registration page, click the unsubscribe button
  • Fill out the subscription form with relevant details.

(Using this method delay and a few difficulties may be faced)


How do I unsubscribe from PIFRA emails?

There are two ways you can unsubscribe from PIFRA. One you can unsubscribe via sending an email containing the words “I want to unsubscribe” or via the website.

What happens if I don’t unsubscribe?

If you don’t unsubscribe you will continue receiving pay slips through emails.


Getting pay slips via email is convenient, however, not everyone feels this way. Once you start receiving irrelevant emails subscribing seems like a bad decision. For those users follow the steps above to unsubscribe from the PIFRA email.

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