PIFRA Bill Tracking System For Federal AGs and DA offices

PIFRA ( Project to Improve Finacial Reporting and Auditing) was initiated by the government of Pakistan so employees can handle their finances easily. With the PIFRA bill tracking system, employees can enjoy and investigate financial management information systems with several benefiting features. 

PIFRA Bill Tracking System for federal AGs and DA offices

Pifra provides many services for government employees, hence this system is not introduced for salaried employees yet still they can avail of these services. Services include DDO Monthly expenditure, teacher salary slip, regular employee’s salary slip, and more. This is only for the federal AG and DA offices. 

PIFRA Bill Tracking Check Online:

Every time a new project is announced, several contractors apply for the post. Without PIFRA’s consent, the project can not be started. All approval must be collected before the project is completed. The bill must be requested for the complete project. A little delay can be faced. 

If you are  impatient you can check  the status through the PIFRA website:

  • Visit PIFRA gov Website 
  • Enter the token Number 
  • Press enter
PIFRA Bill Tracking Check Online

If in case you are facing any difficulties you can contact them through email, phone, or pay a visit to their office. 

There is another method you can use to check the bill tracking which is ideal if you don’t have access to the internet connection. Many senior employees are part of the digital divide. For such, either junior can guide them or else they can check via SMS. For that, the employee will require Government Code, District Code, and token number.

Send these at 0514710910


Checking the status of the bill has been made much easier by Pifra, whether a salaried employee or not check the status through the Pifra website or via SMS.

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