More Than 600 BISP Registration Offices Active Across Pakistan

BISP was launched with the intent of providing financial assistance to the needy people of our country. In order to help them do better in their lives and improve their living standards. BISP registration centers are established throughout the country to facilitate the process of registration in the program and to reimburse money to eligible people.

More than 600 BISP Registration Offices are active across Pakistan:

Amazingly, BISP has more than 600 active offices all over Pakistan to accommodate the maximum deserving families in the country. Eligible individuals get their registration done from NSER free of cost. There are new updates of dynamic registration of BISP which are as follows:

More Than 600 BISP Registration Offices Active Across Pakistan
  1. Anyone who remained un-registered for Benazir income support program in the last survey due to any reason can be registered again in the dynamic registration.
  2. If anyone wants to change the family information provided in the previous survey.
  3. If the earning hand of the family dies, the family members can apply for registration.
  4. If the financial condition of a family has declined recently can apply for dynamic registration.

Dynamic Registration process:

Eligible families for BISP are directed to visit their nearest dynamic registration office of the area. The registration process is taken out free of cost.

Introduction to National socio-economic survey

NSER survey is a protocol to recruit the eligible families for Benazir income support program. This survey is done by the staff who move from door to door to gather information of families in order to be included or disqualified for the program.

Purpose of New Survey of NSER:

When the previous survey of NSER was done, a large number of needy families were registered in Benazir income support program. But nowadays Pakistan is going through a rough patch and inflation has risen to a very high level.

Purpose of New Survey of NSER

Keeping this situation in mind, the government has decided to start a new survey of NSER to include more eligible families which will help them to improve their lifestyle.

Indicators of NSER:

During the national socio-economic survey, some of the questions are asked from families for the registration in BISP.

Registration offices of Benazir income support program:

Registration offices of BISP are located in almost all the districts of Punjab and more than 600 active offices of BISP in Pakistan.

Registration offices of Benazir income support program

Final Verdict:

The latest survey under the label of dynamic survey registration of BISP is indeed a great step towards the prosperity of society and ensuring a better lifestyle of low-income families of the country. Basically, dynamic surveys involve more and more eligible families for the Benazir income support program.

Surveys were done in the past and now there is an update in the registration process which is a dynamic registration survey of BISP. By fulfilling the requirements, families are put into eligible criteria of the program and are given a monthly stipend by the government.

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