BISP Chairperson Visit At 8171 Tehsil Center

The BISP chairperson visited 8171 tehsil centers on the 1st and 2nd of December 2023 at the centers established in Multan and Sukkur districts. According to the updates, the chairperson talked to the representatives there as well as the beneficiaries who were present at the centers at that time.

BISP Chairperson Visit At 8171 Tehsil Center

Everyone shared their concerns with the chairperson Dr. Muhammad Amjad Saqib. The representatives also shared the challenges they face in the process of registration and verification. The agenda of these visits was the see that the processes are in place and everything is going according to the rules and regulations.

What was the main Reason for The BISP Chairperson’s Visit To 8171 Tehsil Center?

Recently, it has been reported that the Chairman of the Benazir income support program Doctor Muhammad Amjad Saqib visited the following tehsil centers of the program. 

  1. Major district of South Punjab, Multan on 1st December 
  2. Sukkur District of Sindh on 2nd December
What was the main Reason for The BISP Chairperson Visit To 8171 Tehsil Center

The main reason of the BISP chairperson’s visit at the 8171 tehsil center was to make sure that the program is running smoothly and transparently. According to the reports, the visits have been declared successful and major decisions will be made on the basis of them.

One of the major concerns of the beneficiaries was the delayed payment of the Ehsaas Kafalat program. The chairperson has ordered to make the process efficient and smooth as much as possible so that payments are made on time and beneficiaries do not have to go through any trouble.

Positive Outcomes of BISP Chairperson’s Visit

The visits remained successful as major developments in the program are expected to be made in the future. The chairperson has announced that various steps will be taken for the betterment of BISP and ehsaas initiatives. Dr Amjad listened to the issues of ehsaas and BISP POS staff as well as beneficiaries.

The aim is to make these social welfare programs as transparent as possible and make the processes seamless. The chairperson has guaranteed that their voices are heard and their concerns will be addressed in the best possible way.

Positive Outcomes of BISP Chairperson’s Visit

Such visits are crucial and should be made from time to time so that timely actions are made. As BISP and ehsaas programs are now running on such big scales, the transparency of these initiatives is really important. Every year, millions of rupees are being deployed for these social welfare programs just so that the lives of our people can be made better.

There are currently more than 25 initiatives that are working under the umbrella of the ehsaas program. There are initiatives that cater to underprivileged women, children, the elderly, transgenders, disabled people, the unemployed, patients, that are surviving on the basis of these initiatives. 

BISP Taleemi Wazaif 8171 Program

Benazir income support program Taleemi Wazaif caters deserving and underprivileged children who are unable to afford primary and secondary education.

BISP Taleemi Wazaif 8171 Program

Under this program, an amount of Rs, 1500 to 4500 is given to these children so that they can carry on with their education. There is a proper process for applying and registration under this program. Those who fulfill the eligibility criteria can apply in this program and get the stipend. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the BISP chairperson visit the 8171 tehsil center?

The major agenda was to listen to the concerns of the staff working at tehsil centers and to take idea of the ongoing situation and processes of BISP and ehsaas programs so that necessary improvements can be made.

What will be the outcomes of the BISP chairperson’s visit to the 8171 tehsil center?

The aim was to analyze the whole situation and make decisions on the basis of this so that improvements can be made as soon as possible and major development can begin.

What were the main issues discussed during the BISP chairperson’s visit to the 8171 tehsil center?

It has been decided that payments for the ehsaas Kafalat program will be made as soon as possible and delays in payments will not be tolerated by the authorities by any mean.

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