Free Online IELTS Course by British Council And BISP

The free online practice test for IELTS is a wonderful platform for those who are opting for IELTS preparation. This practice test provides the candidates with a fully prepared practice format in which they learn to manage time during tests and are given different tasks.

Free online IELTS course by British council and BISP

Free online IELTS Course

Candidates are given an online practice test session in which they practice listening, writing, and reading and are taught to practice them within the given time zone.

IELTS has four modules.

  1. Writing
  2. Speaking
  3. Learning
  4. Reading

Online Listening Practice Session for IELTS:

This learning practice session has total of 30 minutes and consists of 40 questions. An extra ten minutes are given to candidates to shift their answers to the answer sheet.

Candidates are given four different web pages on web pages the listening practice test will have four sections. First of all, download the question paper and an empty sheet and carry a pencil with you while attempting the practice test online. 

Online listening practice session for IELTS

Listen to all the questions on all four web pages carefully, each question holds one mark. After listening to all questions while managing the given time transfer your answers to the answer sheet in those extra ten minutes.

A special protocol is given to disabled candidates, you just have to contact the authority 3 months prior to the practice test session.

Instructions to Attempt the Test:

Following instructions should be followed while attempting the actual exam.

Instructions to attempt the test
  1. Never open the question unless you are asked to.
  2. The name and roll number should be mentioned on the top of the page.
  3. Carefully listen to every question.
  4. All the answers must be answered.
  5. Answers should be written on paper while listening.
  6. After completing the test, transfer your answers to the answer sheet with a pencil in an additional given ten minutes.

Free Reading Practice for IELTS Online:

A total of one hour is provided to prepare for all three reading sections required for IELTS which include both academic and general reading.

Academic reading for IELTS:

The academic reading section for IELTS preparation has 3 sections and consists of forty questions. Every question holds 1 mark. 

3 different web pages are presented to practice reading tests online.

Instructions for Academic Reading:

Instructions for Academic Reading
  1. Never open the question paper online unless or until you are told to.
  2. On the top most of the page, the candidate’s name, and roll number should be mentioned.
  3. Carefully read all the questions and answer them with a pencil on the answer sheet.
  4. A time limit should be followed while answering the questions.

General Training Reading for IELTS:

The general training reading practice section also has three sections on separate web pages with 40 questions to be answered with 1 mark each. 

One hour time is given to complete all three sections.

Instructions for General Training Reading:

Instructions for General Training Reading
  1. Do not open the online question paper until you are directed to open it by the authority.
  2. Mention your name and roll number on the topmost part of the question paper.
  3. Read all the questions and answer them.
  4. Carry a lead pencil with you to answer the questions.
  5. The time limit should be kept in mind while attempting the test online.

Online Writing Practice for IELTS:

Candidates can practice online writing tests for IELTS with the free material required online, also time management is also taught in this practice session.

Three sections are present in this academic writing practice session for IELTS.

Academic Writing Practice for IELTS:

A total of one hour is provided to candidates to practice for academic writing practice which is comprised of two parts. You have to manage these two parts within 1 hour, both parts of the tests are shown on two different web pages.

Academic writing practice for IELTS

Download the pages if you are interested to practice offline.

Task no. 1 of Academic Writing Practice:

Write 150 words in a formal style in task 1 and spend twenty minutes.

Task no.2 of Academic Writing Practice:

Write 250 words in a formal style and spend 40 minutes on task 2.

Instructions to be followed:

  1. Never open the given question paper unless you are allowed to open it.
  2. Carry a lead pencil with you.
  3. Mention your name and roll number on top of the page.
  4. Carefully attempt both tasks of an academic writing practice test.
  5. Write 150 words in task 1.
  6. Write 250 words in task 2.
  7. Answer all the questions in your answer sheet with a pencil.
  8. The time limit should be kept in mind which is a total of 60 minutes for both tasks.

 Online Academic General Training Writing Practice:

Total of two sections are present in the online general training writing practice test for IELTS has 60 minutes to practice for the test and a total of two sections are given on different web pages. 

Online Academic General Training Writing practice

Candidates have to complete this written test within the given time. Task 2 weighs twice as task 1.

Task 1 of Writing Practice Test:

Write 150 words in a semi-formal or formal style in task no. 1 of the writing test and spend 20 minutes.

Task 2 of Writing Practice Test:

Write 250 words and spend 40 minutes on task 2 of the writing test and provide reasons with examples of your given answers according to your knowledge.


  1. Do not open the question paper before the allowed time given by the authority.
  2. The name and roll number of the candidate should be mentioned at the top of the page.
  3. The time limit should be followed by the candidate.
  4. After following all the instructions carefully answer both the tasks.
  5. 150 words for task no. 1 and 250 words for task no. 2.
  6. You must note your answers in the answer sheet with a lead pencil.

Online Speaking Practice for IELTS:

Speaking practice for IELTS involves the discussion part of the candidate with the examiner and it lasts for 11 to 14 minutes. This is quite an interesting and interactive part of the practice and it consists of three parts.

Online speaking practice for IELTS

In the first part, candidate introduces himself or herself and his family, and the second ad third part involves a discussion session.

Final Verdict:

This online course offered by British Council and BISP proves to be very helpful for persons preparing for IELTS. Candidates not only get a glance at the test but also learn to attempt it according to the given instructions. When candidates appear for IELTS they are more confident.

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