Pakistan Air Force PAF Commissioned Officer Jobs 2024 – Online Apply

PAF provides excellent opportunities to all those who desire to serve the county and fly high. PAF is an excellent chance not just to have a promising career but also to enjoy numerous benefits offered to the military and more.

Pakistan Air Force PAF Commissioned Officer Jobs

About Pakistan Air Force

PAF, or Pakistan Air Force, has been defending Pakistan since 1947, performing a vital role in the nation’s overall defense. This department is well known for its discipline, professionalism, fearless pilots, and state-of-the-art equipment.

About PAF

Types of PAF commission:

Before taking any step, you should know about the commission of PAF. There are two types of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) commissions Officer Jobs:

Types of PAF commission
  • A permanent commission offers a long-term career path up to retirement. This commission is available in various departments, such as General Duty Pilot, engineering, Accounts, legal, and education.
  • Short commissions are generally only 5 to 10 years, available for general duty pilot, engineering, IT, and administration.

Eligibility Of Pakistan Air Force

To become a part of PAF Commissioned Officer, candidates should fall under the eligibility criteria:

  • Different departments have specific age limits upon which the candidate can apply. Candidates have to be nationals of Pakistan.
  • A bachelor’s degree is the essential educational qualification required; however, the requirement may change depending on the type of job you are applying for.
  • Physical fitness is necessary for all departments, including height, weight and visual acuity standards. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle are mandatory.

Selection Of Pakistan Air Force

Meeting the eligibility doesn’t give a 100% guarantee you will be selected, as the selection process is much more complicated than that. The selection is based on the initial test, medical tests, and intelligence check, and the finalized candidates are presented in front of the board for interviews. After the interview, the finalized candidates are selected.

How to Apply for PAF and what sort of tests are given:

Applying to PAF Commissioned Officer Jobs is easy. All you need to do is go online and fill out the form in Career or “Join PAF” session. The hard part is the test taken for selection:

How to apply for PAF and what sort of tests are given
  • First comes the initial test, which consists of ordinary subjects such as physics, English, and math. Students can prepare for this test using relevant material and practice tests provided online.
  • Next comes the Intelligence test testing the candidate’s reasoning skills, mental ability, and problem-solving skills.
  • In the medical exam, check the physical health of the candidates, including height, weight, sugar, heart rate ETC.
  • The interview is the last testing stage, after which selection is started and finalized candidates are chosen to serve the country.

Training with PAF:

After selection, candidates undergo training, preparing them for each task and milestone. Although this training depends on the department you have gone to but general training includes:

Training with PAF
  • Flying training consists of the basics of flying a plane.
  • Technical training is only for candidates who have selected the technical department.

Benefits of joining PAF:

Just like the military, joining PAF Commissioned Officer Jobs comes with its benefits:

Benefits of joining PAF
  • There are excellent opportunities for short- and long-term-commission posts, providing career growth.
  • The paycheck is pretty handsome, and the allowance offered makes the candidate financially stable.
  • Accommodations such as security, medical, comfortable living environment, and more are offered.
  • A retirement plan includes benefits the retiree can enjoy after the job ends. This includes pensions, healthcare, and more.


Can females apply for PAF?

Yes, PAF females can apply for PAF for all branches.

Can I apply for multiple branches simultaneously?

Yes, you can apply for multiple branches at the same time.


Joining PAF Commissioned Officer Jobs is an excellent opportunity to serve the country, a promising career, and a good retirement. Though some challenging tests students have to encounter, the one who passes successfully becomes a part of the PAF Pakistan Air Force.

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