8171 BISP Complaint Online Registration

As you all know BISP and the Ehsaas Program have become such huge social welfare programs. They have gained immense popularity, especially post Covid, and the number of beneficiaries has increased by a large amount over the past few years. These programs are working extremely hard to cater needs of people and to make sure that funds allocated are deployed transparently.

8171 BISP Complaint Online Registration

There have also been several issues faced by the authorities as well as beneficiaries in the process of registration and payment disbursements. To streamline these processes, authorities have decided to make a seamless complaint filing and receiving system so that parties involved in these initiatives do not have to go through any trouble. In this article, I’ll be guiding everything you need to know about how to file complaints and how 

All Methods Of Complaint In BISP

Following are the two methods through which beneficiaries and applicants of the Benazir income support program can file their complaints:

Online Complaint

In this method, you can file a complaint against an issue you are facing regarding BISP via an online portal. There, your complaint will be addressed at the same time, and will be informed about the status of your complaint on your mobile number. This is the easiest and the most convenient method for filing any complaint 

All Methods Of Complaint In BISP

Dynamic Complaint

This method is for those who do not know how to file a complaint online. In this method, people can go to the nearest tehsil center and make the complaint. 

How To Register a Complaint in BISP | Dynamic Registration?

You can follow the steps written below to register your complaint at the tehsil center in case of dynamic registration of complaint:

How To Register a Complaint in BISP
  1. Search the nearest BISP center at your tehsil.
  2. Visit the center and tell them about your purpose of visit.
  3. Take the complaint form from them and fill it out with the correct information.
  4. Attach a copy of your valid CNIC.
  5. Submit the complaint form and track the status through your mobile number.

Bisp Fake SMS Complaint Through Helpline Number – New Update 2024

According to recent reports, there has been an update in the BISP where it has been decided that beneficiaries and applicants can now file their complaints even through mobile phones.

Bisp Fake SMS Complaint Through Helpline Number

They can simply dial the helpline number and make their complaint via phone call. This method has been introduced to make the process of complaint filing even more accessible and easy or the applicants and beneficiaries.

Contact informationBenazir Income Support Programme F-Block, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad.
Mailing address Headquarters Exchange BISP Helpline Number: 051-9246326
Call center number0800-26477

Guidance About Registering a Complaint in BISP 2024 | New Update

If you are facing an issue regarding anything in BISP, either in the process of applying, registering, or getting your payment withdrawn, you can easily file a complaint. However, you must be very careful and precise about your complaints. You should keep in mind the following points before you go to file a complaint.

Guidance About Registering a Complaint in BISP
  1. If you are making a complaint by visiting the BISP tehsil center, then you must take your valid CNIC and its photocopy with you. The complaint form requires your CNIC to be attached to it.
  2. You must fill out the complaint form correctly and put all information with care. You may seek help from the representative there in case you face any hurdles in filing the form.

BISP Complaint Room Set for Filing Complaints

Another advancement in BISP has been made where the authorities have assigned WhatsApp numbers to the help desk of each province.

BISP Complaint Room Set for Filing Complaints

This is an effort to make sure that there is room for collecting all the complaints at the ease of the filer. The following table has details of all the numbers where applicants and beneficiaries can contact and make their complaints.

ProvincesWhatsApp number
Punjab 0320-3263041
KPK, GB, and AJK0325-5365476

Confirmation Process of BISP Complaint

Once you file your complaint, it is advised that you wait a few days as it takes time for a complaint to be taken care of.

Confirmation Process of BISP Complaint

First, the officials go through the entire complaint form and investigate it. If the complaint is genuine, then they reach out to the concerned party and take strict action to make sure the issue is resolved. For example, if the complaint is about payment delay, then BISP reaches out to the concerned bank and asks them to make payment as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file a Complaint Against any Issue in 8171 BISP?

You can either visit the nearest BISP center or you can go to the online portal of the program and file the complaint, you can even talk with the representatives through the helpline or via WhatsApp chat.

What are the Required Documents When Filing a Complaint in 8171 BISP?

If you are filing a complaint in the registration center, then you must fill complaint form with due care and attach a photocopy of your valid CNIC.

What is the Latest Update in the Complaint Filing Process of 8171 BISP?

In a recent update, beneficiaries and applicants can now file complaints through mobile phones by dialing the helpline number 0800-26477. This initiative aims to enhance accessibility and ease in the complaint filing process for applicants and beneficiaries.

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