Tareen Oxford Scholarship Announced for Latest Oxford University 2024

Any step taken towards the education and spread of education at every level is appreciable. Education plays an extremely important role in the progress and prosperity of a country. Also, it is very important to provide equal means of getting an education to the youth of our country because it is of utmost importance for the development of our country.

Tareen Oxford scholarship

Oxford Pakistan program has taken the initiative of providing scholarships to students who are willing to get higher education in Oxford University, one of the most prestigious institutes in the world.

Oxford Scholarship by Ali Tareen

Mr. Ali Tareen the man behind this ground-breaking step towards education, this scholarship under OPP provides scholarships to students who aim to enroll themselves in any of the graduate courses offered by Oxford University.

Along with the full tuition fee of the course, students get free accommodation. One thing to be mentioned here is that this scholarship is given to deserving students who do not have enough resources to meet the financial burden of their education but aim high to get higher education.

Oxford Scholarship by Ali Tareen

Every year at least three students from Pakistan and Britain are short-listed who meet the eligibility criteria for the Tareen Oxford scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria for Tareen Oxford scholarship:

The following are the criteria for students to apply for this scholarship.

  1.  The student must be in the final year of a degree to apply for the graduate course offered by Oxford University.
  2. Students do not have the required funds for needed for get an education abroad.
  3. The student applying for this scholarship is supposed to come from south Punjab of Pakistan.
  4. Students applying for Master’s or Ph.D. degrees abroad are also eligible for this scholarship.
Eligibility criteria for Tareen Oxford scholarship
  1. Brilliant students with extraordinary educational capabilities are welcome to avail this scholarship.
  2. Any F.SC topper or student who has topped the first-year, exams from a government university is also eligible for the scholarship.
  3. At least thirty students from Pakistan get this wonderful opportunity to get an education in Oxford University every year.

Final Verdict:

Indeed, the Tareen Oxford scholarship is a great opportunity for students from south Punjab of Pakistan who have mind-blowing educational records and brilliant minds but do not have the finances to manage their educational burden.

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