Al Qadir University Updated Information Including Scandal 2024

The name of Al Qadir University gets its inspiration from one of the names of Allah, which means powerful and able. A project whose foundation was led by Imran Khan on 5th May in 2019. This university is under construction near Islamabad in Suhawa.

Al Qadir University Updated Information Including Scandal:

Pakistan, being an Islamic country has the responsibility to promote Islam in the best possible way and produce intellectuals and leaders who are high in morals. Al Qadir University aims to play an important role in this context.

Scandal of Al Qadir Trust Case

On Tuesday, 9th May 2023, the PTI chairman got arrested by rangers while he was on a hearing at the high court Lahore in terms of allegations against him from the Al Qadir trust case. He had an allegation of corruption of 60 billion rupees. 

Scandal of Al Qadir trust case:

According to this case, Imran Khan and his wife are alleged to have corruption due to which Pakistan born a loss of almost 190 million pounds. Al Qadir University is established on an ill-legal land covering the area of 458 canals taken by Imran Khan.

Project of Al Qadir University:

A well-designed and purposely built structure of a university with highly educated and well-reputed staff members in faculty makes it unique from other institutes.

Project of Al Qadir University

Al Qadir University got its affiliation from Government College Lahore, which is necessary for degree awarding purposes of students.

Departments in Al Qadir University:

University offers graduation in management sciences and Islamic studies and a wonderful experience of admission within 2 years it was established. 

Departments in Al Qadir University

A proper channel of management and authorities make sure to provide hassle-free educational services to students. Highly qualified staff is recruited for the best quality of education in the university.

A vision of the University:

Al Qadir University comes with a vision of producing an element of high morals in its students, where persons have a clean outer as well as inner self-being. People follow the guidelines of Islam and the teachings of Prophet PBUH.

BS Management program in Al Qadir University:

This program ensures the quality of education for students, emphasizes on character building, and teaches modern technology and ultra-developed tools to communicate with each other but stick to Islamic values and traditions.

Some prominent Aspects of the program:

Some prominent Aspects of the program
  1. Learning through case studies.
  2. Character building.
  3. Informative class discussions.
  4. Research and experimental-based learning.

BS Islamic studies in Al Qadir University:

Al Qadir University is providing this opportunity of teaching Islamic studies under the supervision of highly qualified Islamic scholars with a mission and vision of developing individuals aim to follow the footsteps of Prophet PBUH.

Final Verdict:

Despite of having a connection in an alleged case of corruption, Al Qadir University has a clear vision of providing quality education to its student by developing a sense of modern learning along with character building with Islamic teachings.

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