How To Register Your Restaurant Or Shop With FoodPanda

FoodPanda is Pakistan’s biggest online food delivery business platform and serves people nationwide. A large number of employees are working in food panda and earning their bread and butter. Also, various restaurants have been registered on food panda and serve online delivery of food at homes. People actually prefer home delivery of food and FoodPanda has maintained a standard of delivering food on time.

How to Register on Food Panda

Running an online food business is not a difficult task nowadays, Food panda offers large businesses and as well as small businesses to get themselves registered on the platform and offer a reasonable partnership. So, if anyone has a mind of registering his business on Foodpanda might not worry about it because this article is surely going to help you.

Procedure to get Registered on FoodPanda:

Indeed, it been a blessing for food business holders since Foodpanda has extended its venture in Pakistan. Nowadays one can start and run a restaurant with even a small space and fewer working staff because the trend of online food home delivery has taken all over and FoodPanda provides such a great platform for this.

Procedure to get Registered on Food panda

There is quite a simple procedure to get your business or restaurant registered on Foodpanda.

  1. Visit the website of Food Panda.
  2. After visiting the website, click on the option to sign up.
  3. A form will be shown on the screen after clicking sign up.
  4. Put all the required details in the form.
  5. Then the menu of the restaurant is supposed to be uploaded.
  6. Menu uploading is the last step, after that food panda will give you an option of form submission that needs to be clicked.
  7. Then wait for the approval from the company, once the form is submitted.

Further Procedure after Approval from Foodpanda:

Once a restaurant gets approval from Food Panda it has to sign a contract with the company. There are some conditions or rules and regulations to be followed by the restaurant. After going through the contract carefully and being agreed to all the terms and conditions a contract is being signed.

Further Procedure after Approval from Food panda

After signing the contract, a proper preview of the restaurant’s menu is shown to the owner of the restaurant and then a training session is carried out by Foodpanda through calls. Once the training is over the restaurant is ready to start the business on Foodpanda.

Foodpanda Protocol:

For instance, a customer places an order at a certain restaurant through Foodpanda, and right after thirty minutes a rider from food panda arrives at that restaurant to pick up the order. After picking up the order the rider delivers the order timely to the customer. 

Food panda Protocol

A monthly payment is sent to the owner of the restaurant by food panda and provides a complete detail of the payment and orders etc.

Final Verdict:

With rising inflation especially in the post-pandemic era, food panda has been proved a true blessing for people who are working as a rider and restaurant owners in Pakistan. 

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