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STS portal online apply Siba testing service latest

SIBA Testing Service Portal:

STS Portal (SIBA testing service) is an online portal made by IBA STS Sukkur. STS Portal announces job vacancies for men and women from all over Pakistan. There is a very simple process of applying for jobs at STS. Candidates who wish to apply for the job are supposed to visit the online portal of the SIBA testing service at 

SIBA Testing Service Portal

After visiting the portal, the candidate will receive an online application and a bank challan slip for both men and women who want to apply for STS jobs in 2024.

STS Portal Online Apply SIBA Testing Service Latest Update

An excellent initiative by the Education Department of Sindh has announced several job vacancies of 2024 in different departments. Candidates are appointed through an online portal system. After being trained at primary and high schools of the province they are recruited in government jobs at handsome salaries.

SIBA testing service advertises about their vacancies on a daily basis in national newspapers and a large number of applicants visit their portal for the available jobs.

Jobs of SIBA Testing Service:

STS offers jobs for men and women holding Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PHD. degrees as well as engineers having IT and law degrees.

Jobs of SIBA testing service

Candidates who have done PHD, MA, B.COM, BA, B.SC, and MPHIL can apply for jobs in 2024 by visiting the online portal of STS.

Roll No. Slip Of STS:

A roll number slip is generated for all the candidates who apply for SIBA testing service jobs and it is available online on the STS portal all the time.

For any query, applicants can contact for information at 071-5644200.

Online Portal of STS:

Candidates interested in SIBA testing service jobs can get all the information regarding the test date for the job, issuance of roll number slips of candidate’s registration forms, etc.

Procedure to Apply for STS jobs in Sindh 2024:

STS provides an easy way of registration on the STS Portal for jobs of 2024 in Sindh. Those candidates who are already registered just have to enter their passcode and ID card number on the STS Portal. In case of a forgotten passcode, the candidate is directed to click the ‘forgotten passcode’ button on the portal to reset the password.

Procedure to apply for STS jobs Sindh

Those who are yet to be registered are requested to create an account on the portal. 

Method to Download the STS Slip:

Following is the procedure to download the slip from the STS online portal:

Method to Download the STS Slip
  1. Visit the STS Portal.
  2. The candidate must log in to his account on the portal.
  3. Enter the ID card and application ID.
  4. The above information is put on the download the slip button after clicking it.

Final Verdict:

STS provides a wonderful platform for jobs to educated people from all across Pakistan. Interested candidates with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are given a chance to apply for jobs and hence they can flourish in their lives and attain a noble status in society as government employees.

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