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One of the leading Universities of Pakistan is COMSATS University, serving huge in the way of education by producing students who are excelling in the world of Information Technology. The quality of education is outstanding in COMSATS University.

CUI Student Online Portal

COMSATS University Student Portal

COMSATS University has introduced its students to an online portal named as CUI Online Student Portal. Since, Covid 19 has badly affected the economy as well as the educational system of Pakistan leaving a bad impact on student education. So, the university management of COMSATS has decided to introduce a new learning management system CUI Online Student Portal. All campuses including Lahore, Islamabad, Abbottabad and Vehari etc. have decided to launch CUI.

COMSATS University Student Portal

Students are supposed to log in the portal by entering the credentials and can have check on the attendance sheet, exams update, course outline etc.

COMSATS University Sahiwal Campus Student Portal:

Sahiwal campus of COMSATS has launched the online portal CUI Sahiwal for the students to check their online results, lecture updates, examination updates, progress reports, and all sort of education-related information. This online portal proves to be quite beneficial for the students.

COMSATS University Sahiwal Campus Student Portal

COMSATS University Lahore Campus Student Portal:

CUI Lahore is the online student portal for the Lahore campus of COMSATS students. Students are directed to log in the portal to be well-informed regarding education. This portal is made for their convenience so that they might get any help through the CUI Online Student Portal.

COMSATS University Lahore Campus Student Portal

COMSATS Wah Campus Portal

Everything has been digitized nowadays and it is such a great initiative of the university to launch the CUI Online Student Portal so they can upload their work like assignments and projects on the portal online while being at home or away from the university.

COMSATS Wah Campus Portal

How to use the CUI Online Portal for Students:

Students can log in to the portal by following the given steps.

How to use the CUI Online Portal for Students
  1. Visit the link of the portal CUI online portal.
  2. The Portal will ask for some credentials of the student.
  3. The student is supposed to enter the Roll number and passcode.
  4. The last step is to click the option of login.

Portal Management of University:

In case a student is having any problem related to the CUI Online Student Portal can contact immediately to the management of the university.

Portal Management of University

In case of a forgotten passcode, the student passcode can be reset by the university so that the student may not find any difficulty while using the student portal.

CUI Admission Portal:

COMSATS has not only facilitated its regular students by providing them with the online portal but has also brought ease for those who are willing to get admission to the university. Students are supposed to visit the online portal for admission.

CUI Admission Portal

Admission forms are available on the portal also the entrance exam result is also available on the portal.

Final Verdict

COMSATS University has surely provided the students with great ease and facility to get themselves well informed about activities in the university.

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