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Nowadays, everything has been computerized and digitized. Offices and educational institutes have been shifted from file systems to computerized systems. This system not only saves time but also keeps the work hassle-free.

UOH Student Portal

The management of the University of Haripur has also launched the UOH student portal for the facility and ease of students as well as the management of the university. All a student needs to create his or her student’s personal account or a profile to access the University of Haripur portal. A passcode and a username are required to sign into the portal to keep himself updated regarding all the activities happening in the university.

The UOH portal made by the university updates the students about fee schedules, university admissions dates, and other requirements for admission and student result. The portal system has brought quite ease for the students and for the staff because they are also provided by the office portal for their work.

Prominent Features of the Student Portal of the University of Haripur:

There are some important features of the UOH student Portal made by UOH.

Prominent Features of Student portal of University of Haripur
  1. Students can check their UOH results online on the portal.
  2. Examination forms can be downloaded easily from the UOH Student portal.
  3. All the rules and regulations for a semester are given on the UOH Student portal.
  4. Students are updated about SOPs on their respective portals.
  5. All the information and requirements for student scholarships are been provided on the portal.
  6. Students can check the affiliated institutes if they want to, on the student portal.
  7. Information about the hostel facility is also there.
  8. Students are informed about extra-curricular activities.
  9. Research students can easily download their research forms from the portal.

Programs Available in the University of Haripur:

 UOH Student Portal is offering a number of programs to its students.

Programs Available in University of Haripur

The University of Haripur is having admission in the IT department, Biology and Physics field, applied sciences and in the administrative department.

Method to Use Student Portal:

There is no hard and fast rule to use the portal. In fact, a student just needs to create an account on the portal by selecting a username and a passcode. These credentials are put to access the portal online.

Method to use Student Portal

In case, a student forgets the password, a new one is set and the portal is accessed.

Final Verdict:

Indeed, a good initiative by the management of the University of Haripur was taken for the facility of its students and staff members by launching a student and staff portal for informing about the activities in the university and managing things.

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