Today’s LPG Gas Rate In Pakistan May 2024 – LPG Cylinder Price

LPG Price in Pakistan

LPG Gas Price Today Pakistan May 2024

The prices of LPG gas for domestic cylinders and commercial cylinders are given below.

  1. The rate of 1kg LPG cylinder in the market is Rs. 256.
  2. The rate of domestic cylinders of 11.8 Kg LPG in the market is Rs. 3540
  3. The rate of LPG used in commercial cylinders of 45.4 kg is Rs. 13620.
LPG RatePrice In PKR
Per KG OfficialRs. 256
Per KG Local MarketRs. 300
Domestic 11.8 Kg Cylinder PriceRs. 3540
Commercial 45.4 Kg Cylinder PriceRs. 13620

What is LPG and its Uses?

During the process of oil refining, gas or air is released from oil that is converted into a gas product known as LPG.

LPG is commonly used for domestic household purposes as well as in commercial areas. It is also used in auto rickshaws. A number of businesses in Pakistan depend on LPG.

LPG Rates in Pakistan

In the recent budget of 2024, the finance minister announced the price deduction of LPG in Pakistan. Since the sales tax has been increased the prices of LPG which is set by OGRA have also been decreased and revised all over in country.

LPG rates in Pakistan

In the past, Pakistan used to rely a lot on LPG. LPG used to be imported in Pakistan at a pretty high rate. Since natural gas was discovered in Pakistan luckily the usage of LPG has decreased. But in the winter season, when the load shedding of gas is a major problem in the majority of Pakistan the rates of LPG are increased.

Revised Rates of LPG by OGRA:

The rates of LPG have been revised by OGRA in the recent budget and the prices are lowered in Pakistan. The revised prices are given below.

Revised Rates of LPG by OGRA
Revised Rates of LPG by OGRA
  1. LPG per KG rate by OGRA is Rs. 256.
  2. The rate of domestic cylinders of LPG per KG by OGRA is Rs. 3540.
  3. The LPG/KG rate of commercial cylinders by OGRA is Rs. 13620.

Overall, the prices are reduced by 19.5rs of LPG gas in Pakistan which were decreased by OGRA in the budget of 2024.

Major Suppliers of LPG gas in Pakistan:

There are a large number of suppliers in Pakistan that are supplying LPG gas which is high in quality on a very economical rate.

Major Suppliers of LPG gas in Pakistan

Some of the suppliers are Pakistan State and Oil Gas, Noor Gas, and Pak Eng. And Automation etc.

Final Verdict:

This article will surely help the people who opt to buy LPG in mass, they must be well informed about the reduction in prices and the suppliers who deal in high-quality supply of LPG. Moreover, With the rising inflation and massive economic crisis in Pakistan, the finance minister Dar in the 2024 budget, provides relief to citizens by reducing the LPG per KG rate.

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