BISP Online Kacheri ( کچہری ) 2024

The core purpose of starting BISP online kacheri is to help out those deserving and poor families of society who are eligible for the Benazir income support program but due to any reason, were declared ineligible.

BISP Online Kacheri ( کچہری )

So, those who have applied for the Benazir income support program and were eligible but were not taken under eligibility criteria and got excluded from the support program now have the chance to join this program because the government has taken a great initiative to help the families in our country who are unable to fulfill their financial needs.

BISP Online Kacheri ( کچہری )

For this, an online session called 8171 BISP online kacheri on 27th April 2024 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm will be conducted under the supervision of the director of BISP Punjab.

BISP Online Kacheri ( کچہری )
  1. First of all, this session will be free of cost.
  2. This online session by the Benazir income support program will be launched on April 27th and will start around 11:30 in the morning and will last around 1:30 pm.
  3. The sole purpose of this session will be to answer the queries of those people who applied for Benazir income support and were eligible but got ineligible for the program.
  4. This session aims to clearly explain to the people why they were not put in eligibility criteria.
  5. How they can become part of the program in the future.
  6. Through this session, one may get the chance to know how to be a part of this program.
  7. An amount of 2,000 to 4500 will be awarded to those people who will qualify for this program.

Following is the way to join the session and get an opportunity to become the part of BISP Ehsaas program.

way to join the session
  1. The candidates who are trying to join the session must log in to their Facebook account.
  2. Click the search bar and enter the official Facebook page of BISP Pakistan which is 817 Ehsaas program.
  3. To keep yourself updated on all the updates regarding the Ehsaas program you must follow and like their official page.
  4. The date and timings of the session will be mentioned on the page.
  5. Candidates are supposed to join the online session on time.
  6. Whatever query or question you have in your mind just note it down and put them in the comment section just before the session starts.
  7. Another option available to contact BISP Punjab is to call their helpline number which is 042-34515143.  
  8. It is suggested that one must ask their queries related to the BISP program, Ehsaas 8171 check online 2024, Ehsaas 25000 BISP.
  9. For further information, you can visit Ehsaa’s official website

One thing that should be kept in mind is that the BISP official helpline line number will only be available for the 27th of April 2024 and will not be working after the 27th. So anyone who has any query regarding the program can contact them on the 27th

Final Verdict

The BISP Online Kacheri is a special place where people can go on the internet to get help and information about the Benazir Income Support Program. They can ask questions and talk to officials who work for the program. It makes it easier for people to access the help they need without having to go to a physical office

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