Sila-e-Fun Program Online Registration New Update 2024

Ehsaas Sila-e-fun program online registration is started in all 36 districts of Punjab. This program has been initiated by the Social Protection Department of the government of Punjab to honor the work of artists in our country.

Sila-e-Fun Program Online Registration

Under this program, artists who are above 50 years of age and are not working anymore are given a monthly stipend. This has been done to ensure that those artists who are living under the poverty line due to not working anymore, can live their lives independently. In this article, I’ll be guiding you through all you need to know about this program and its registration procedure as well as eligibility criteria.

Aim of Ehsaas Sila-e-fun Program 2024

Art and culture are a major part of a country’s heritage, tradition, and social development. The artists represent their country through their creativity, talent, and art on different national and international platforms. They can make or break a country’s image. Pakistan has immense talent and our artists working in different capacities have shown their skills.

Artists are our assets and we should preserve them by making sure they don’t suffer when they get old and don’t have work. To address this issue, the Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation Department of Punjab has come up with a program called Sila-e-Fun program. Under this program, beneficiaries get a monthly stipend of Rs. 5,000. 

Aim of Ehsaas Sila-e-fun program

We have seen in the past that many artists who worked all their lives for the art and culture industry of our country suffered when they reached old age. The reason is that this industry works privately and doesn’t really give pensions and old age benefits to their employees.

Being financially dependent and not being able to fulfill the basic needs of life especially in old age, could result in many problems. The initiation of this program is a thoughtful step towards the social security of our old-age citizens. 

Eligibility Criteria Online Check 2024 Web Portal

Like all other ehsaas program initiatives, the ehsaas Sila-e-fun program also has proper criteria and procedures for registration. Applicants can go to the website of the ehsaas program and register themselves by providing the necessary information including valid CNIC.

Eligibility Criteria Online Check 2024 Web Portal

The following written points should be there in applicants if they want to register in the ehsaas Sila-e-fun program.

  • The applicant should be an artist who has worked for at least 25 years in the arts and culture industry in Pakistan.
  • The applicant must be a resident of Pakistan having possessed a valid domicile of Punjab.
  • If the applicant’s monthly family income is less than Rs. 15,000.
  • The applicant must have a valid CNIC.

Registration 2024 Sila-e-Fun Program

The registration for the ehsaas Sila-e-fun program 2024 is live and anyone who falls under the criteria written above can apply to this initiative. The desired applicants can go to the website of the ehsaas program and provide all the information. Alternatively, they can apply by going to the nearest center established in their district in Punjab province.

Registration 2024 Sila-e-Fun Program

They will be asked to fill out an application form and attach documents that will serve as proof of their work experience, their age, and monthly family income. After that, the authorities will verify their information and on the basis of that, they will be informed about their registration status. They can also know the status by calling the helpline number or by sending their CNIC to 8171 from the contact number provided on the application form.


What is ehsaas Sila-e-Fun program 2024 and how is it providing relief?

Ehsaas Sila-e-fun program online registration 2024 is a social welfare initiative by the government of Punjab to provide financial assistance to the artist community who are living under the poverty line. The program aims to help them so that they can live their lives without being financially dependent on anyone.

What are the eligibility criteria for ehsaas Sila-e-fun program 2024 online registration?

The ehsaas Sila-e-fun program registers individuals who have worked at least 25 years in the arts and culture industry of our country as artists, possess valid CNIC, are a resident of Pakistan and not of any other country, and live under poverty conditions.

What are the benefits associated with the ehsaas Sila-e-fun program 2024?

Registered beneficiaries under the ehsaas Sila-e-fun program get a monthly stipend of Rs. 5,000 so that they can at least bear their basic monthly expenses. The aim is to make sure that old citizens do not have to be financially dependent on anyone in their lives and that they can live peacefully.

Final Verdict

The launch of the ehsaas Sila-e-fun program has been successful and it has made its way and helping the artist community of our country. There are various other programs as well that address the financial issues of old-age citizens of our country. But this program especially works for the art community who have dedicated all their life to this industry.

Under this program, registered beneficiaries get a monthly stipend of Rs. 5,000. Those artists who are more than 5o years of age and living under the poverty line i.e., their monthly family income is less than Rs. 15,000 can apply for this program. Given that the artist has worked at least 25 years in this industry and has a valid CNIC and domicile in any district of the Province of Punjab.

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