PM Youth Laptop Scheme Merit List 2024

Such a great initiative by the Government of Pakistan in the Education Department is to distribute laptops among the students enrolled in public educational institutes who fulfill the eligible criteria announced by the Higher Education Commission.

PM laptop Scheme

During the third phase of the PM Youth Laptop Scheme, around 100,000 laptops have been distributed among talented students. 

Purpose of Youth Laptop Scheme:

Youth is the backbone of any country. Pakistan is an underdeveloped country with most of its population based on young people. So, it is very important for the Government of Pakistan to invest in youth quite sensibly and encourage them towards education. Educating the youth of our country is the only way to bring prosperity to Pakistan.

Purpose of Youth Laptop Scheme

For that purpose, it is very important to bring facilities and ease in the path of education for youth. So, during the Government of Pakistan Muslim League-N, laptops in bulk were distributed among the public educational institutes under the supervision of HEC in phases 1 and 2.

Introduction to Prime Minister Laptop Scheme Phase 3:

During phase 3 of the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme, almost 1 lac laptops were distributed among the students in Government universities and colleges who fulfill the specific criteria and merit announced by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Introduction to Prime Minister Laptop Scheme Phase 3

The reason behind distributing the laptops among the intelligent and hardworking youth of our educational institutes on merit is to encourage and provide them with opportunities in order to educate the youth as much as possible.


  1. Bring future development in the country by the use of computer technology.
  2.  Make sure the information technology is being used in our institutes for the development of youth’s minds.
  3. To improve the quality of education in the educational institutes.
  4. To bring the development in science and other technology with the help of IT.
  5. Computer technology makes the learning and connectivity method quite an easy task in institutes.
  6. With the use of modern information technology, the level of productivity and learning can be improved and increased.

Procedure to Apply for Laptop Scheme:

Students are directed to apply online by getting themselves registered on a portal specified for student service.

Universities eligible for Laptop Scheme:

Students who are currently studying in the HEC-recognized institutes and students of Government universities.

Eligibility Criteria for Students:

Following are the students who can apply for the laptop scheme by the prime minister during phase 3.

Eligibility Criteria for Students
  1. 4 or 5 years of Bachelor’s Degree program students who are currently enrolled in the public sector universities either in the morning or evening.
  2. MBA students enrolled in Government Universities.
  3. Any 18-year equivalent degree program students like MS/M.PHIL/Ph.D. enrolled in universities are eligible to apply for this above-mentioned laptop scheme.

Ineligible Students for Scheme:

  1. If a student has already been awarded the laptop in the previous scheme will not be eligible for the third phase of the laptop scheme.
  2. Any student who is studying in Pakistan but does not hold the nationality of Pakistan is strictly not eligible except for those who belong to Azad Kashmir.
  3. Private university and college students are also not eligible for the laptop scheme by the government.
  4. The online application procedure is a must to get eligible for this scheme, but if a student does not apply online will not be given a laptop.
  5. Students who have completed their degree or education before the scheme has been introduced are ineligible.
  6. If a student does not fulfill specific eligibility criteria in terms of his or her educational performance and required documents will be declared ineligible for the scheme.

Selection Criteria for Laptop Distribution:

Selection Criteria for Laptop Distribution
  1. Students are requested to apply online at the website of HEC and once they are done with the procedure, they are selected according to the eligibility criteria for the laptop scheme distribution.
  2.  The next step is the verification of the student data by a specified department.
  3. The verification process holds the main importance in selection criteria.
  4. The student will be disqualified from the scheme if any fraud is caught in their provided documents.
  5. The person from the department who is the charge of verification has the right to verify or disqualify the student.
  6. Laptops will be awarded to the eligible institutes according to their quota which has been decided earlier.
  7. The higher education commission announces the merit list for the institutes once the verification procedure is completed.
  8. Cross-checking between HEC and educational institutes takes place to ensure the transparency of distribution.
  9. Then a final list of merit for students is announced by HEC.
  10. Both, the Higher Education Commission and educational institutes are supposed to display the final merit list of students for the laptop distribution scheme on their certain portals.

Criteria of Distribution:

Following are the distribution criteria for laptops among students in the third phase of the scheme.

  1. There is a merit list announced by HEC and laptops are distributed only according to the list in every degree program.
  2. Distribution depends on the determination of specified shared and quota given to the universities according to the number of students studying in institutes.
  3. Balochistan students are quite fortunate in the context that a fixed share is given to them. 14 thousand laptops have been given to them and the remaining quota of 86 thousand laptops has been distributed among the other government institutes.

Final Verdict:

It is an era of modern technology and education has been revolutionized by information technology, the learning environment has been changed and the use of computer technology has increased. So, it is very important to keep the students facilitated with the modern education system, hence the laptop distribution scheme is definitely a great step towards the betterment of the educational system in Pakistan.

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